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Managed IT Services


Some organizations must always be up. They have a business to run and do not have the time or resources to solve their IT Service issues. ComRes Managed Services is designed for this customer. Whether you are only 1 user, and office with 20 people, or have multiple locations, ComRes Managed Services helps you Protect, Support and Manage your IT infrastructure so that you can do what you do best – run your business!

Our IT Service Model


ComRes IT Service support starts with protecting your devices. ComRes installs an RMM tool on your critical IT devices that help protect them from viruses, malware and DNS threats. Additionally, it helps managed critical security patches, gives ComRes the abiltiy to remotely access/manage your devices, or for your users to request assistance


ComRes IT Service provides you with friendly, knowledgeable technicians that answer your techincal questions, fix critital issues, or manage IT projects.


ComRes Managed IT Service provides the highest level of IT Service support by giving you Protection (RMM tools) ComRes labor Support, and complete management of your IT infrastructure ComRes Managed IT Service gives you an affordable monthly IT budget with the highest response times for IT Service. You will have access to ComRes IT Service support M-F, 8X5, or 7X24 with the plans you choose.

Ready for Managed IT Services